Use Cases
Updated 6/20/2020, 8:02:39 PM by Adam Knight

Before we can start making awesome websites with nocode - we need to register.  We use your existing Google account so it should take only a few moments.

Use Cases

We have 4 different configurations of Nocode that use combinations of our features for certain use cases. You can turn any of our features on and off as and when you need to so there’s no need to feel like you’re missing out.


You love to write. You probably don’t love web design, web hosting or constantly updating content management systems.

So, we got rid of those headaches. Write your blogs in Google Docs and in one click have them published on your Nocode Site.


Documentation comes in all shapes and sizes for both internal and external use. Different types of docs require different voice, tone, formatting, contributors, audience, and content.

Regardless of which type Nocode is your new best friend. Nocode has some lovely little tricks up its sleeve to help create Documentation that is a joy to create.


Keeping everyone clued up in any organisation can be a complete nightmare. Multiple copies of documents and out of date guidelines are a huge liability.

Using Nocode for your Intrant, gets rid of these headaches. Using Google's excellent collaboration tools you can let the right people update the right content, then in one click publish all of the updated content to your Nocode Intranet in seconds.

We have two different types of site security. Password protection will allow you to give specific users access to your site. If you use GSuite for your business you can allow access to anyone with an email address that matches for example, anyone with a address will be able to access the site.


Whatever your niche Nocode lets you showcase your talent. We know you love doing what you do, and probably don’t love building websites, web hosting or fighting with content management systems.

So, we got rid of all of that, build your portfolio in Google Docs and in one click have it published on your Nocode Site.

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