Content Areas
Updated 6/20/2020, 10:29:54 PM by Adam Knight

The content for your site lives in your Google Documents how you organise them makes a good site. You can add your content to three different content areas in Nocode.


The header of your site is where your logo and navigation lives. When you’re in edit mode the main Settings button also lives to the right hand side.

To edit your Logo or Add some title text click the Logo Title area in the header. You will see a window that allows you to add a text title and also upload a logo.

You can adjust the height of the header in Site Settings.


The footer of your site is where you usually put links to the more functional parts of your site like Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. It operates in a very similar way to the header but the items you add here are listed in a vertical list.


You can have a sidebar on either side of your Nocode site, or both if you need them. Our sidebars have two sections. The first section allows you to add any of our widgets like Social Media links or a search bar. You can click to edit any of these widgets once you’ve added them and you can also click and drag them to reorder.

The second section is where you can organise any Google documents or folders of Documents in your Google Drive. We use this to group our documentation sections you can see to the left of this information.

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