Site Settings
Updated 6/24/2020, 8:32:37 AM by Adam Knight

Here you can add your site title, description and keywords. Adjust your site’s layout options and features. Activate and disable Stripe Payment buttons and Contact Forms. Amend your sites nocode domain or add a custom domain. Include a snippet of code from another site and activate it for use across your site. Finally you can choose to password protect your site or use GSuite authentication to allow anyone with your domain to have access to your site.


Company / Project name
Site Description (SEO)

Site Keywords (SEO)
Google Drive Access Level

Layout Settings

Site colour. The colour of your site footer and menu items and featured text.

Navigation Bars. Left hand navigation or Right hand navigation.

Page Features

Folder pages
Render a page for folders with links to their contents

Include links to parent folders above the document

Document Title
Include the name of the Google document as the page title

Image Drop Shadow & Border
Apply a drop shadow and border to any images in a google document

Back/Next Buttons
Include back & next buttons to the previous and next pages

Document Info
Include the author and date of when the document was created


Stripe Payment Buttons
Take payments from your website paid directly into your Stripe account

Contact Form
Accept feedback from your website via email


Enter the subdomain your website will be published to

Custom Domains
Add your own domain to your site.


Chunks of HTML or Javascript that you can add to your pages from the widgets menu.

Global Snippets
Add a snippet to every single page of your site automatically.

File Snippets

Sometimes search engines need you to upload a file to your site to prove you own your domain. You can do this here.

Website Security

Password Protection is off by default.

Usernames & Passwords
Add usernames and passwords for users that can login and see the website.

Google Authentication

Require that a user has logged in with a Google account. If you add a rule for "" - then any google user with an email address can see the website.

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