Updated 6/25/2020, 4:28:04 PM by Kai Davenport

Before we can start making awesome websites with nocode - we need to register.  We use your existing Google account so it should take only a few moments.

Login with google

First you need to register an account with nocode - you can either click “Login” at the top of this site or visit

From there click the “Get Started” button:

Choose Google account

Choose the Google account you want to login with.

IMPORTANT if you have multiple Google accounts - choose the one that you login to Google drive with, and the one where your content will be located.

Grant Access

The next screen gives nocode access to your google drive so we can read your content and publish websites from it.

Click the Allow button and you will be taken to your first website.  On this screen we are giving nocode permission to read your Google drive content.

Website Editor

You should then be taken to your website editor.  If this is not the first time you have logged in - you will be presented with the list of your current websites.  Either Add a new website or click the Editor button for an existing website.

The website editor looks like the following:

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