Main Menu Options
Updated 6/21/2020, 9:37:07 PM by Adam Knight

The main menu is accessible by clicking the pink settings button on the top right hand corner of the screen.

Build Website

When you are ready you can hit Build Website and we will build your site and publish it to our secure hosting.

Site Settings

Here you can add your site title, description and keywords. Adjust your site’s layout options and features. Activate and disable Stripe Payment buttons and Contact Forms. Amend your sites nocode domain or add a custom domain. Include a snippet of code from another site and activate it for use across your site. Finally you can choose to password protect your site or use GSuite authentication to allow anyone with your domain to have access to your site.

Enable Preview

You can hit Preview and see what your site will look like with your changes. When you are ready to switch back to Edit mode you just hit the X in the top right hand corner that replaces the settings button.

Re-Sync Drive

If you make some changes to the Google Documents you have used in your site you can hit Re-Sync Drive and we will go and grab all of the new content for everything across your entire site.


We keep a record of your site every single time you publish. This means at any point you can rollback to a previous version of your site with a single click. This doesn’t change the content of any of your Google Documents it only rolls back to the previous copy of your site we published in the past.

Website List

If you have more than one Nocode site, you can jump out of your current site and see a list of your other sites.


You can search our Nocode Guide and also chat with us if you have any problems you need help with.


If you click Logout, the system will… log you out.

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